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Orangetheory: The Heart Of Fitness

As Orangetheory reached the 1,000 studio and 1,000,000 member mark globally, we started to notice dozens of small boutique fitness studios popping up all over the nation in their own little urban pockets. But while their sleek branding and sexy influencer marketing strategies can make them local success stories, none can match Orangetheory's scientific or technological chops that connect your workout to the most important muscle in your body: the heart.

So, using their brand new line of heart-rate monitors as a proof point, we positioned Orangetheory as The Heart Of Fitness, and created an international brand campaign that boldly claimed we're the only fitness studio in the world that truly knows what muscle you should be listening to. Because triceps can trick you, biceps can bluff, and glutes don't know squat. Only the heart can give you More Life.

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the team

creative directors - Tony ciampa, brian locascio

art director - Noah williams

copywriter - daniel elmslie

agency - tombras