Creative Director


Brand Platforms I’ve Written/Directed.

For Eyes - Where Eyes Smile.

Big Blue Swim Schools - Where Fish Learn To Fly.

Mercy Health - For The Universe Of You.

Smoothie King - Long Live The Kings.

Zarbee’s Naturals - We’ll Be There.

Kraken Rum - Explore The Depths.

Vita Coco - Hydration Comes Naturally.

Bon Secours Mercy Health - Where Nurses Mean The World.

FreshDirect - Blow Your Freakin’ Mouth Away

Calypso Lemonade - Be Ya Island Self.

Famous Footwear - Calling All Shoeperstars.

Coco Community - As Good As It Tastes.

Rockport - Wear The Right Shoes.

Whoa Almonds - You Said It!

Oath - We Share Our Values.

Vita Coco - The Best Thing Nature’s Ever Made. 

DMCY - Where The Future Of Marketing Becomes Yours.