Creative Director
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Misc Creative Work

UNIROYAL: Store Signage (2017)

Tires as dependable and long-lasting as Uniroyals are a real long-term relationship. Make sure you choose the right ones.

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VITA COCO: Event Promotion (2016)

This is neither here nor there, but also in 2016, in the height of the California drought, I pitched a campaign called "California Is Running Out Of Water, Coconuts Aren't" wherein a bunch of Hollywood celebs would say they're only drinking coconut water until the drought is over. But everyone is a wimp and wouldn't approve it.

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FOR EYES: Brand Campaign Pitch Creative Samples (2018)

For Eyes: For Your Eyes

For Eyes: Where Eyes Smile

For Eyes: Seeing Is Everything

In the end the client decided to just keep making flyers and direct mailers in Gotham or whatever their font was.

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FOR EYES: Promo 00:15 TV (2018)

We had like $25,000 to make two commercials in two weeks. So, I mean, they're not the worst things I've ever seen.

SMOOTHIE KING: In-Store (2018)

It takes like 3 minutes to make a smoothie. In that time, the customer could be leaning up against the wall checking Delta to see how much money they lost on crypto in the last ten minutes, or they could be writing a note of encouragement for the next customer. Some call it paying a compliment forward. We call it #KingsSupportingKings.

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