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Coco Community: As Good As It Tastes

Coco Community

Vita Coco (All Market, Inc) has a stranglehold on the premium coconut water space. While Coke and Pepsi's own brands struggle to get national distribution, Vita Coco continues to grow their share to well over 50% of the entire market. However, new competitors have found success in creating what's called the "super premium coconut water category," graduating Vita Coco customers from a ~$3 coconut water to a ~$6 organic coconut water with a pronounced socially conscious backstory. Well, we weren't just going to sit back and watch those customers walk away. Introducing...

The Messaging

All Market wanted one line of messaging that made two things as clear as their new coconut water: this drink tastes better than any other coconut water you'll come across, and this coconut water is grown with a unique business model that supports the farmers that harvest it.

the team

ECD - Chris sojka

creative leads - Tony ciampa, frank kortyka

designer ana mesa

Agency - Madwell